The American FDA recently approved a new mechanical arm for people with disabilities

bionic arm

There has recently been another big success in the world of tech this week. A new prosthetic arm that is very sophisticated has been approved for commercial production and further development by the FDA right there in the united states of america. Through a new ruling in the FDA approval process thankfully this will be able to come into official consumer production in the next 8 years. Over forty million dollars has been given to the project which can develop complex arms or hands for people with varying degrees of disability and in different sections of the arm hand area. It is not a one size fits all solution. It will be a program that will be able to custom make mechanical hands and arms for people with different types of disability in this area. This is great because the problem is that if someone has a hand problem, they can’t exactly wear something for the entire arm or different aspects of the mechanics of the area. The guy that is building the arm says that it is hard to say actually how much it will end up costing.

It is battery operated and the componentary that makes up the entire device is similar in weight to what would be expected of an ordinary arm or hand. If someone starts wearing one for the first time there is not some arduous aclimation process. Because of its life like weight and operation it will be very easy to adjust, use and most of all enjoy the thing. IT will be able to perform ten different types of movements for its user. Previously, these people have been given very crude hooks to wear on their arms. These don’t look too good and they are not nearly as functional as an ordinary limb or this new mechanical one for that mattter. In fact, with this invention people will virtually regain the entirity of what they either lost or had never been born with in the first place.

The person who invented what is known as the deka arm system was also the person who came up with the Seway. His name is none other than Deam Kamen. He has been getting on board and helping to develop the technology for a while now. The arm itself apparently can be given many commands at the same time. This enables the user to perform complex actions in much a similar way to if they had a fully funcioning human limb. It is reportedly a ‘nearly natural’ alternative which is a big improvement on current modern day limb replacements. Much finer motor control type activities are possible as well. This includes opening keys and locked doors, being able to brush the hair and do make up, being able to move paper enclosed in a complex envelope, and also taking eggs out of the carton without cracking them.

So far there have been some models developed which allow for mind reading control. However, this particular model that has been approved uses emg sensorship. With this solution the user uses their muscles to control the hand or arm instead.

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